Raid Data Recovery Munich

With our Data Recovery Munich you rescue your files and budgets

If you are unable to access your files on hard drives, SSD or Smartphones you need to take care to avoid further worsening the situation. Take the time to sit back and avoid unnecessary anxiety that leads to wrong repair strategies.

The pandemic has made many of us work from home. It is a little bit unusually to work in your living room or kitchen? If you accidently pour coffee over your notebook or drop your usb hard drive while tripping over your power cord.

Taking time to think things over is good. Let us help you reduce the complexity and uncertainty of recovering your data should your devices fail to give access to those much needed files. At ACATO GmbH we have been working for decades on recovering people's data.

That is why our Raid Data recovery Munich service is here to show you what can be done to solve the current problem. We are happy to have a conversation with you over the phone. Tell us what happened so that we both can think over it what to do next.

Even if you are still working from your office or factory, we can help get things up and running again. Your Server can't boot or is there a failed harddrive in one of the rack servers?

RAID Data Recovery

Our team assists you in getting your servers back on air when you have experiences a hardware failure. Server with 2-64 Raid hard drives using Windows oder Linux? Call us!

NAS Data Recovery

We rescue data from damaged partitions (hfs+, exfat, ntfs, fat32) and hard drives of NAS storages or network hard drives. Let us help you get your NAS working again.

SSD & Harddrive Data Recovery

Is your computer no longer able to find your hard drive or operating system? Maybe your partition or drive is damaged. Avoid making things worse. Let us check the components and find a safe way to get back your data.

How can you recover your data?

Wouldn't it be nice to just press a button to get back your data? Unfortunately if you have no good backup you have a challange ahead of you.

Would you like to look behind stage how a data recovery is done? We have published 5 editions of our renound book (first release 2011) on data recovery. It even lists other fellow data recovery professionsal in case you do run into trouble while abroad. Get this book on amazon by clicking on below button:


  • We provide individual diagnose and offers
  • Realistic pricing and custom advice
  • High success rate due to special expertise
  • You do not pay for the recoveries of other clients
  • Safety and confidentiality of your data
  • We solve a variety of problems in our laboratory

How data centres protect your private cloud data using Edge Computing

Avoid data loss by taking advantage of our consulting services for Data Centres and Edge Computing

ACATO GmbH - Data Centre Team

What do Edge Computing and Data Recovery have in common?

True DATA Security 24x7

Damaged hard drive?

Did you drop your hard drive? In most cases the heads will have been damaged. Don't startup the drive. This is a typical case for a data recovery using a professional clean room.

Failed SSD Drive

Might you be unable to startup your notebook as it shows an 8 bit error or other Error code? We have special tools to get the drive to let us get the data back for you.

USB pen drive not recognized?

Did you store data on a USB pen drive and can't get your computer to recognize it? The memory chip or the controller might be damaged. We extract the chips and re-engineer the data to recover the stored information.

RAID Rebuild failed?

Is your RAID network storage having issues to start up? One or more drives must have been damaged. Even Raid 1 can result in all drives being garbage if you try a DIY repair. Save yourself the pain and ask us for help.

Memory Card not responding?

You have taken lots of holiday photos but can't get your SD or CF card to display the files and folders? It might even want to force you to format the drive. Stop. Call us for advice on how to proceed so that a data recovery will be successful.

Linux Server can't boot?

Can't you boot your linux server? Does the system report faulty drive but recommed you to do a raid rebuild? Stop. You will destroy the data unless you have properly replaced the missing drive. More thasn 1 drive damaged? Then raid rebuild will destroy your data!

Missing Data on a MacBook?

Is your hfs+ partition damaged or is one of your fusion drives faulty. Don't try to fix it yourself or all data will become garbage. We will get your data back from iMacs and Macbooks.

Lost smartphone data?

Could it be that your smartphone or cell hone have suffered from a power surge or even got wet? Even if you droped into into salt water we can get your data back. If you wait too long corrosion will increase the risk of unavoidable data loss.

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Data Recovery Munich

Our company ACATO GmbH is a german business based in Munich. We assist Businesses, Authorities as well as  Consumerser in recovering their valuable data.

Die Data recovery Munich offers more than just a basic baxckup service. We devote our time to understand your situation and help solve it.

Some of our customers are leading national and international brands (e.g. Linde, Audi, McDonalds, Zweckform, …), universities (TUM, …), hospitals (MRI, …) as well as authorities (BSI, Zollfahndung, LKAs, BKA) and the german armed forces (Bundeswehr).