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Data Recovery Munich

Our datarecovey service helps you get back your data out of a faulty or broken Hard Drive, SSD, USB Drive or Memory Card

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Lost your Data? We find it even in broken RAID systems

We can recover data, partitions and virtual drives from Server, NAS and other special Systems. Ofcource, we can also help you with your personal MacBook, Windows PC or Storage Device. Even a power surge usually doesn’t stop us from recovering your personal data.

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Our Services

We help you recover data from different systems

RAID Systems

We can rebuild damaged Drives from Server and NAS Storage Systems from a wide range of brands and Raid configurations.

SSD Drives

We recover your data from consumer and enterprise rated SSD Drives that are used in thin notebooks or hosted Servers.

Hard Drives

Is your Notebook or PC Harddrive no longer recognized, making noises or causing other problems? We can recover data even in a cleanroom by replacing the damaged heads.

MAC Data Recovery

We can recover your files after your iMac or MacBook is causing problems. We can extract the data from different MacOS hfs partitions and drives, so that you can continue your work.

USB Pendrives / USB Sticks

Is the port or PCB bent? We can recover the data also from your USB Pen Drive. Is the USB stick no longer recognized by Windows or MacOS? We can halp you.

Memory Cards

You can no longer find your images on the SD card or does your computer not recognize it? We recover Memory cards (SD, SXS, CF, etc) even when the frame has been bent.

Why Choose Us

What Sets Us Apart

Perfection Anytime

We try tgo speed up our work where possible and continously improve our processes. We operate based on our ISO9001 documentation.

24/7 Communication

We try our best to keep you updated on matters that are important to you.

Our Clients

Our clients are not only well known brands but also government bodies and important organizations. We are here to help you.

Emergency Help

We help you also with our Express service so that your business continuity goals are met.

Advance Technology

We utilize advanced equipment for datarecovery and IT forensics work. This allows us to deal with a range of situations.

Multilingual Support

We understand a variety of languages and will try our best to explain complex topics in a reasonably simple way in your language.