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Speedy Drive Analysis Form

In order to recover your data we need to evaluate the state of your device. Thereby, you get a fixed price quote for the recovery and a risk evaluation. An Economy Analysis will start at 99,- EUR (incl. VAT). If you are in a hurry you should select the express analysis (starting at 250 EUR) as that is our high priority service. If you are not sure which service is the right for your request an analysis then give us a call (Phone: 089/54041070) During our examination we will evaluate the severity of the damage, the expected labour cost and cost of parts needed to get the drive in a state that we can extract the data. We wil send you our offer (fixed prices) and diagnosis report by email. If you chose not to proceed with the data recovery after receiving the diagnosis then we can ship the drive back to you – or you pick it up – or we dispose of it free of charge for you. The analysis fee and shipping costs will then be invoiced to you. If you do decide to proceed to the next step of letting us attempt the data recovery then we will not invoice the analysis fee. You can also drop off your device at our reception desk:
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Tips for shipping and Reception Desk

You can get a free DHL parcel voucher to send in the drive by clicking on this link: Free DHL Shipping Label.

Please do not forget to use good packing for your drive and to add the signed PDF Analysis form.


Alternatively you can take your device to our service partners:. List of partner locations.

Due to current pandemic regulations we are not permitted to provide onsite advice at our administrational office. You can reach us by phone at 089/54041070 (Hours: 9:00-17:00)