Who is ACATO Data Recovery?

ACATO GmbH was founded in 2010 by Christian Bartsch. Before that, he had already registered a sole proprietorship in Munich in 2003 that dealt with IT support and data recovery.

Over the years he has also had the opportunity to appear on various channels (BR2, Pro7, n-tv) as a data recovery expert.

We also help security authorities solve cases

In the past, Christian Bartsch also reported on the latest methods for securing evidence from extremely damaged flash memories (e.g. smartphones, black boxes, SSDs) at the BKA’s mobile phone conference in Meckenheim (NRW). In 2016, we also conducted an internal knowledge exchange with the BayLKA in our Munich laboratory for the forensics experts of the Bavarian LKAWe also become certified IT forensic experts and carry out contracts for the military, police departments and security authorities. Our experts have the corresponding high security clearances based on an intensive security check.

Customers from all over the world come to us because...

The primary goal of ACATO GmbH is to offer companies and consumers a high-quality service, with personal support and advice having the same importance as the activities carried out in the laboratory. ACATO GmbH has specialist technological knowledge as well as professional working methods combined with solutions developed by it. These hardware and software solutions are important pillars of laboratory equipment. The many years of experience are based on certified employees with over 20 years of professional experience in the IT of high-tech industrial groups. Some employees also have 17 years of professional experience in the police service (criminal forensics) or in other authorities. They have successfully certified their specialist knowledge in complex areas.

Our employees are regularly trained in the areas of data recovery, data protection, IT security, IT forensics, programming, telecommunications, white-collar crime investigation and prevention. All incoming cases are treated by our laboratory staff with the best possible care and confidentiality. Each case is recorded in the case management system, which is developed by ACATO GmbH as an enterprise solution for the area of data recovery / forensics. This allows the goals of quality management (ISO 9001) to be implemented economically.